Thank you for checking out my site. As I assume you've figured out by now my name is Bryan Prindiville and I am in the creative arts business. For the majority of my career I have worked as part of the in-house graphic/creative department of the international humanitarian agency, Catholic Relief Services. Prior to that I did an approximately 2-year stint as a junior art director for a business-to-business ad agency outside of Buffalo, NY.

Much of my free time has been spent as part of the independent and online comic scene around Baltimore, MD. I have worked on a number of creator-owned comic properties as well as done illustration work for smallpress publishers. There is also this thing called Super Art Fight in which I am a performer, live art, on canvases, versus other artists.

If you haven't checked out the rest of my site yet, please do. It will help give you an idea about what I can do. If you think there is a project you would like to talk to me about, please, drop me a line.